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Najma Godhrawala

Hello! Welcome to my website!

I graduated from University of Pune with a Masters in Clinical Psychology with a merit of First class distinction. I am working at St Clare's Convent School, I counsel children with poor academic record, tackle emotional problems, peer problems, family problems.

I worked with Times of India, Newspaper in Education, where I had to conduct lectures at various schools. My topic was Confidence Building.

I am working with challenged children at Poona Women's Council, Manovikas. I use behavior therapy with the children, also have parent support group therapy workshops, which is a highly effective therapeutic technique where all parents come together and discuss issues, related to a common topic. e.g. how to handle violence in a special child?

I am also a pen counselor for the super junior times magazine for children from the age group 8- 15 years old and I am also associated with MSB Educational Institute -Kolkata

This site is a collection of my articles. Please feel free to browse.

Children's Issues

We all experience anger at some point or the other, babies too experience anger. Did you know that right from the time the baby is in the womb, a baby develops feelings of anger, so when the baby is born, he or she is fully aware of anger, frustration etc.

Being patient is one of the most important qualities required in any field in work or school. However patience has to be developed.

Help for Students

How to study for an exam? What is the importance of study skills? Important things you should know about making a time-table.