From Warli Painting by Shabbir

Mystique: Revelation in Art

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It is rightly said that behind every successful man is a woman. My late wife Nafisa, a charming and loving person, was the driving force in my journey to the art world. Nafisa had the perfect insight to my senses, my emotions, my intellect and my intuition.

Throughout my life, I strive to make order out of chaos, to invent, examine and combine the various ideas that float through my mind. The process brings a feeling of artistic satisfaction and the discovery into the unknown is a wonderful creative adventure. As I make this pilgrimage with into my inner self with no map, I feel alive in the labyrinth of forms and colours.

Creating a harmonious balance with objects and shapes on the canvas of the mind - Balancing colours effectively and dramatically - Creating movement and vibrant texture - Bringing mental and spiritual relationship to the viewer. Through this visual mysterious process I hope to take you on a journey to the unknown and bind my soul with yours.

This was my first exhibition in art that was displayed from December 8th to 14th, 2006 at the Art2Day gallery.

Mr. Deepak Dalal, an eminent writer of adventure stories about India, inaugurated the exhibition.

Many visitors, artists and students from various Art institutes and colleges visited the exhibition and some of them took time to write their feelings and comments about the paintings.

These are some of their comments...

1. Devina and Vidhi Joshi: Very creative, Shabbir has given deep thought to each of the paintings. A fantastic show!

2. Yogesh Kamalakar Bavikar: Your work is very good. You have also given an explanation about your paintings. That is really very good. Wish you great success.

3. Sunyata: An artist from Australia.

4. Huzefa s. Godhrawala: Wonderful as usual. The detailing, the colours, always absorbing. Congratulation and all the best!!!

5. Marzia and Deepak Dalal: How fortunate that Mr. Shabbir was persuaded to develop and share his art. It is meaningful and very inspirational. We have come away enriched.

6. Robert Verschupen: Beautiful work and I’ve met some very nice people. Thank you shabbir & friends.

7. Mahrookh Parakh: Congratulation shabbir! Wonderful work. Had the feelings you have used in your art. Hope to see many more exhibitions.

8. sucha Malanie: It is so awesome. Love each one! Congrats Shabbir!

9. Raghu Honawar: Have met shabbir only once earlier. But after absorbing his artworks I can say I know him very well now – sensitive, compassionate and benevolent. God Bless, Shabbir! Love Raghu.

10. Shamim Juzer Kachwalla: Congratulation. Good work. Very vibrant colours as if enjoying life to the fullest. Keep it up.

11. Manasi & Asawabi Mahajan: Paintings are really too good. They are representing real colours of life. The bad thing in this world is also expressed in beautiful way and with freshness. They represent all kinds of feelings. Style is really different and awesome.

12. Ramesh Dheune: Congrats, excellent with recuperative passion and presentations of human dimensions. Best of Luck.

13. Taslim & Abbas Lakdawala: The only words that come to my mind are fantabulous. Though I have not much knowledge of art, I think whatever your efforts are superb. Best of luck.

14. Ganesh Tupe, Shrirampur: What to say? Awesome work. Especially the paintings of women are feeling and desire.

15. Girija Shankar: Excellent and unusual creation!

16. Virendra N. V. : Mr. Shabbir is philosophical minded artist and has expressed his thoughts beautifully and colorfully in his paintings and this is what is my first impression about him and his artwork. After watching his artwork for the first time.

17. Mrs. M. Unwala: As an artist I have liked your thought process and the understanding of a woman’s psyche. Colours are just absolutely correct. Congratulations and wishing you a lot of success!

18. Mahesh Kane: Mr. Shabbir, I Mahesh can’t explain in words about your paintings. Wonderful so nice and unique thoughts in your paintings. I feel your paintings really by heart.

19. Lata Chitnis: Words fail to describe the turmoil your paintings have created in my heart, especially the Reiki symbols. Being a Reiki practitioner, they just penetrate my inner most soul point.

20.Dr. Nirmal & Jayshree Bafna: I do not have words enough to express my honest appreciation of the works of art that you have created and it seems to me that a tremendous amount of effort and thought must have gone behind each painting. Just wonderful and awesome. Love Jayshree & Nirmal.

21. Bharati Mate: Very nice exhibition! All the best.

22. Mrs. Nisha Gujarathi: I am totally speechless. Great artwork coming from a great human being. Wow!!

23. Mrs. Nargund & Nazneen: Fantastic art! True innermost expression brought out on canvas. Great going Uncle! All the best.

24. Gaurdv Ingulkar: Truly a great work of art. Artist have displayed and unusual work of art.

25. Rajesh Radhesham Agarwal: This is the first time I have seen something so wonderful put on a canvas by a great artist.

26. Neela Vaidh: Bright colours make your paintings so alive.

27. ashok Kulkerni: There are so many words to say it’s beautiful and I liked it very much.

28. Insiya Rangwala: Fabulous! It took me into a different world, made me think about the struggles, desires and expectations we have during our course of life. Very woman – oriented. Great!

29. Sai – Madhurima Pawar: Beauty is filled in all your paintings. Keep it up!

30. Subhash Pawar: Really creative and impressive work. Best of wishes for your future.

31. Waghale Suyor: Got to see something new and different. Have not seen such artwork before.

32. Sudha Mathur – Bikaner (Raj.) : Artist thinking is very deep. Best of luck.

33. C.V. Brahme: Perfect. No mistake.

34. Najma Godhrawala: The artist (my dad) has captured a variety of emotions in his artwork. Colours used are vibrant and make us want to look at it to feel the energy from the paintings. Favourite in wings (painting) and Reiki symbols.

35. Mohan Laude: Would like to discuss more and understand. Have a nice life!

36. mukta Bawdekar: The paintings provide insight and philosophical background on the various subjects and show or rather reflects the thoughts and knowledge of the artist.

37. Suhas Wagle: The expressions are abstracts depicting the feelings within. Our inner subconscious mind. In our meditation the real abstract we experience.

38. Neerajh Karnavat: Just too good. The artist has shown different aspects of human life very easily and truthfully.

39. Nikhila, Gargy and Bharati (NIE) : Excellent!!

40. Fatema saiwala: Very good, enjoyed going through your paintings. All the best.

41. Musarrat Masters (Artist) : Deeply touched by the paintings. Each and every painting reflects the deep understanding of the subject. Very inspired by the thoughtful projection and rendering of colours and style.

42. Ghadge Sucheta: Very nice paintings. I love it. Energetic.

43. Namdev Kakde (Art Student) : I enjoyed seeing your artwork. Especially you come from a different background and such good artwork!!!

44. Shreyas Gosavi: It I very nice to see your paintings when understand every meaning of the artist. I understand real mind (feeling) behind every painting. Being non-artist background I am very happy to see this. Thanks for explaining every paintings internal mind.

45. Mrs. Soniya & Mr. Prasanna Ketkar: Excellent work. Thought provoking. We were exposed to a new style of painting. Very colorful. Brief write-up are self-explanatory and helped us understand the paintings better. Spiritual base was one more striking element. Wish to see more works in the future. Wish the very best! Observed a natural creative flow, explaining life.

46. Mushtaque & Samina Chherawalla: Excellent and thought provoking. Very eye catching good play of colours depicting various emotions. Hope to see more. Wish you all the best.

46. Alhad Khade & Chetna Tinguria: Every piece of work was just superb. I felt like looking at it for hours. Especially the Reiki symbol series was my pick. 

: Every painting kept me spell bound. I find it difficult to express the feeling in words.

47. Lion Shirish Deshpande: Exciting, human mind unleashed, amazing creativity.

48. Dhanashree Shenolikar: Excellent.